Richard Berridge

Richard began his property career at Mann and Co in 1982. Since then he
has worked as agent, facilitator, developer and investor both in London and
outside. Latterly, in 1998, Richard stepped in to run Keith Cardale Groves in
Mayfair following their take over by KFH. Following successful brand
transition, Richard started his own company specialising in planning gain,
development and investment. He also acted as consultant and agent for
others. In 2008, Richard joined Residential Land as Head of Consultancy. It
was to prove a prescient move with Ivanhoe Cambridge and Apollo Global
Real Estate forming a substantial joint venture with RL and thus creating one
of the earliest PRS investment vehicles with Bruce Ritchie’s company, and
preceding the Montague Report. Following his 3 ½ years at Residential Land,
Richard has focussed on all types of residential investment, PRS and Build-to-
Rent as an independent consultant. Interested in all aspects of the PRS,
Richard has used his wide experience in the industry as a whole to advise on
many aspects of this rapidly evolving sector. Committed to the development of
an acceptable, enjoyable and viable alternative to buying, Richard is
determined to help drive the PRS to new levels of quality and service, and
lead in creating a step change in the way we live and work in the UK.
Outside of work, Richard is a crossword addict, keen runner, cyclist,
triathlonista’ and general sports nut. He is married, lives in Hampshire and is
father to three children who sap what energy he has left.

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